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“Graduated as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and later awarded a UNESCO fellowship which eventually led to a Post-graduate Diploma in Forensic Science from the University of Strathclyde (UK). Providing Consultancy services to the Maltese Courts, Media, and the Biotechnology industry.


I have been working in translations for over 8 years, having been nominated by the Ministry of Justice and the Law-Drafting Unit within the Ministry of Justice for work connected with legal documentation.


As my background is in the scientific and medical disciplines my main thrust is in providing specialist translation and proofreading services in the scientific, medical, technical, veterinary, foodstuffs, and cosmetics fields eg. Summary of Product Characteristics. MSDS etc.


I also use CAT software tools to eliminate any inconsistencies in my text and ensure that all the text is translated. Linguistic screening and checking is also carried out.


Carried out translations for the Law Courts in Malta. I have been outsourced work from the major European, American, Australian and Asian agencies with regards to translations of manuals, regulations and websites.


I have also vast experience in EU texts regarding draft legislation, regulations and directives in various fields e.g. environment, technical regulations, scientific equipment etc.

Elected member of he Local Administrative Council (2010)


Revisions and proofreading are carried out scrupulously and professionally according to the clients’ specifications and with due consideration of the target audience. Text is studied for clarity and inconsistencies.


Language combinations: English < > Maltese, Italian > Maltese and Italian < > English


Sworn official translator by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malta.


> Confidentiality is maintained at all times <

> I also teach English as a foreign language <

> My aim is to establish long-term business relationships through quality work and a professional approach <

> Prices are negotiable where volumes are involved <

> The repeat business says it all <